A non canon anime roleplay set in a fantasy world
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 Frederick Chilton

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Frederick Chilton


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PostSubject: Frederick Chilton   Mon Sep 14, 2015 3:47 pm

General Info

Frederick Chilton


70 kg
Black and loose
Skin Tone:
Special Characteristics:
Wears an eyepatch to cover his right eye socket, which off course is devoid of any eye. And instead is only filled with a scar.


Arrogant and vain, two of the key aspect of which you could describe Frederick with. Yet don't be misguided by the vanity of his own self image. Because it doesn't necessarily means he is a fool. At the contrary, his wits are as sharp as he is arrogant.

It's obvious why he is arrogant, its because he grew up in one of the richest household of Braedon. In fact, his family has always been one of the few aristocrats that ruled over the town in the past, now off course since the establishment of the council over fifty years ago, their direct reign is over, but their hold over town still remained.

Because Frederick was raised in such environment, he has come to despise his fellow men. Well not despise, but the obvious complex he sees himself better. At least better then those of the lower classes in society. And if that isn't enough, he sees humanity as one of the few races that should rule. Meaning that most kinds other then humans are even lower in his eyes. There are one or two, he could see on an equal footing.

This kind of prejudice towards others is one of his biggest flaw, which more then often comes together with a wrathful pride. Another one of his flaws. Meaning that because of his status, his arrogance and vanity. He is also easily dented, when provoked. Which often turns into an anger unlike any other. Which in turn could turn into a cruel outlet.

This cruelty and disregard for others is often seen in his decisions and acts on how to persevere the town. Which in a way he seems to live for, or at least its status. As during the large council meetings, he often suggest solutions and proposition that others could consider inhumane, or outright criminal. No it's no secret, Frederick would go to extreme lengths to help this town. Even if it means disposing of a few poor people.

Yet despite all his flaws and crooked mindset on how to govern the town. He does seem to actual care for it, or as I said before. It's status. After all the town is the source of his power and might, his position and wealth. So persevering it at all cost, could also be considered a good quality in him.

- Braedon, or at least the status and wealth it provides as a trading hub and border town. Making sure it stands tall, makes sure he stays rich and powerful.
- His disgust and disregard for the lower class, may very well be just the counter aspect of an actual fear for them. Or better yet, becoming one of them. As he was raised as someone who is above his fellow men.


Not necessarily a specific weapon, but Frederick is known with the way of the sword. And doesn't easily shun away from a fight. However, he prefers using his lackeys to do the fighting for him.
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Bernadette Tudor

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PostSubject: Re: Frederick Chilton   Mon Sep 14, 2015 6:11 pm


Note to self: find cool approval stamp.
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Frederick Chilton
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