A non canon anime roleplay set in a fantasy world
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 Key Takaro

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Key Takaro

Key Takaro

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PostSubject: Key Takaro   Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:52 pm

General Info

Key Takaro

A tall and somewhat muscular man, which contradicts to his personality very much. Cool and collected is the first impression one might see when they look at Key, but the truth his, he is unable to hold up a decent conversation without stuttering, and worst-case scenario, running away. He has regular brown hair that is rather flat on the top, but spikes more as the hair travels downwards. More often than not, he has a V-Neck red shirt on him, followed by a small leather blue or black jacket with long sleeves. The shirt tends to go beyond his waist by about half a foot, but hugs tightly against his stomach. Below, he can be seen with long black pants with no real special features, just a chain hanging out of the left front pocket.

Dark Brown
Skin Tone:
Special Characteristics:
A good cut that never left him, fighting a group of swordsmen. The wound is on his left shoulder, which he keeps hidden as often as possible. Nothing really too special



As cool and collected as he may seem at first, he is a man of little words and much action. Talking has always been something he considered to be cheap. It proved nothing until it is displayed. Promises are always hollow until fulfilled, no matter the previous intention. It was the pessimistic way he saw words, which is why he tends to seal his mouth. Words just simply can't hurt him, actions hurt him. This being said, he is also immune to the judgment of others around him, nowhere near self-consious, and is willing to challenge them into combat if they continue to act so arrogant around him. The one trigger in his nerves is the arrogance in others, always speaking words and acting like they are better than anyone else around them, from there, he just goes straight to combat with them. No challenges, nothing of the sort. It was something he felt should be dealt with before it spreads even further. Though he doesn't care about the negative words of others, he knows that those around him are hurt by them. So he is willing to stand up for those who are being put down, using his own retorts to make sure that the victims mental tormentors flee the scene.

In combat, he is rather quiet, no taunts or anything of the sort. He takes his fighting opponent very seriously, regardless if he knows how much power they have or not. They deserve respect, regardless of what the dispute is over. Key battles at his best against an evenly matched opponent, makes sure not to overdo the slaughter against opponents weaker than him, and will always try to win against those he knows is stronger than him. Regardless of odds, for some reason, he always has hope that he would be able to beat his opponent, which is why he never accepts defeat. This, unfortunately, is a weakness. In combat, he never admits defeat, even when his body is at it's breaking point. This has gotten him into much danger before, a few trips to the hospital, one time even knocked into a coma. Regardless, he feels that running way from an opponent was a sign that his actions were not enough to beat whatever was troubling his life. Actions is the only thing he feels he has left, since words were useless to him. Therefore, he refuses to go down, even while it is clear that he has lost.

Battle: Nothing like a good one to keep anyones blood pumping. Naturally, Key doesn't look for fights by causing them, he often fights in self-defense. This surprisingly happens a lot.
Illusions: He isn't exactly mentally at peace due to his rather haunting past. If those memories were to revive again, he might lose his mind.
(Revealed as the Story goes along!)


He's currently just a magician with quite a few tricks up his sleeves. His magic is below this.
Trick Magic, a master of using cards, dice, and slots to push his luck and press his opponents. This set of magic is designed to be hard to counter unless their opponent has fortunate luck. Otherwise they might find themselves with their spells backfiring, jamming, or even locked for a certain amount of time.
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PostSubject: Re: Key Takaro   Tue Sep 15, 2015 8:55 am

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Key Takaro
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