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 Flowers & Anger

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Frederick Chilton

Frederick Chilton

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PostSubject: Flowers & Anger   Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:32 pm

In his own right Frederick could be considered a well known person, however be that as it may. That small scale fame wasn't for his good qualities. No, when Frederick was being recognized by the townsfolk it was mostly because they have seen and heard him speak on occasion. Which were mostly harsh words and even harsher opinions on how to govern this town.

However the looks he got, didn't get to him at all. He didn't blame the people for the despised looks in their eyes, nor the barely heard comments they uttered as he passed them. Because Frederick knew very well what kind of person he was, and always will be. You could even say that most of the rumors and whispers about him had some sort sense of truth in them. Or were even actual facts that he might have done. All in order to protect this town.

Today was just such a day, Frederick along with a couple of his own hired guards. Walked down the streets of Braedon, naturally giving any passenger to was foolish enough to wander close enough to this ominous presence, a death glare. The guards, which were actually nothing more then Frederick's own private source. A group of well disciplined but still hired thugs, did the exact same thing. A total opposite of the actually towns guard, who were always ready to help those around.
It was off course nothing more then Frederick's own arrogance that he had to present himself this way. A lingering authority and power, from the days past. When his family was still the only ruling authority in Braedon.

Strangely enough, Frederick entered a rather peculiar shop. Well not so much peculiar that you could call the shop itself strange. But more the fact that a person as himself actually entered a local apothecary. People could only wonder why Frederick would actually enter such a store himself, instead of sending one of his goons to do it.

Truth to matter was, that Frederick had trouble sleeping lately. Which was caused from a pain that only recently resurfaced. And since the official herbalists and the court hall didn't had any answer not have any immediate remedy for him. They referred him towards this shop.
However much to his agitation, the shop he entered. Remained devoid from any owner. Even when the small bell rang for a moment he entered the premisses. Naturally most people would understand that the owner was probably mixing together herbs to create potions and what not. But Frederick on the other hand was an impatience man. And could only smash his fist onto the counter the moment he thought he waited more then enough. Which off course was barely a minute.

"well!!' he shouted at the same time 'Is there someone here to actually help me? Or is the service just as expected from such a dump'
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PostSubject: Re: Flowers & Anger   Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:11 pm

Delphine crept closer to the blooming red flower, basking in the golden sunlight falling on her window sill and poked at its petals, examining the bright bell like flower as it moved away from her touch. It was like any other day for the young local herbalist; taking care of her garden, memorizing the herbs available and then mixing and grinding different ones for different medicines. In addition to medicines, she also sold aromatic plants and perfumes which, even in her own opinion, sell faster than anything else in the whole Farmer’s Market.

Usually, on a sunny day like this, her shop would be overflowing with demanding customers and sometimes some bizarre ones that would want her to do the impossible for them. However, for some reason, that day had been incredibly long and it didn’t seem like anyone was going to pay a visit to her humble shop either. And this was exactly why she had left the shop empty and went on creating more medicine in the other room behind the shop. She was currently making medicine for stomach aches and ailments which included the use of seven different flowers and four different plants. Luckily, in the morning that day, the last flower required for the medicine had bloomed and she had picked them fresh under the light of dawn.

Silver bangles on her right hand chimed as she moved a tiny whisk in a circular motion against the mixture of flowers with her left hand busy picking out the next ingredient. There was a soft smell of cherries and rosewood in the air as the brown haired girl gave a harsh pounding to the slowly shaping mixture. When it was done and she found the consistency to be perfect, the girl finally placed the utensils away and started making small red balls out of them, storing the medicine away inside a bottle specifically made to preserve medicine like the one she made.

It was at this moment that she heard the familiar ringing of the shop’s bell informing her that someone had finally paid a visit to her shop. But instead of hurrying out to meet her customer, Delphine stayed and started rolling the last bit of medicine carefully and slowly before placing it inside the bottle and sealing it tight. By this time, the person outside had already shouted at the empty shop, picking on her ability to serve her customers and that tone sounded like he owned the place too.

With a sigh and an irritated countenance, Delphine pushed the door open and entered the shop, finding one angry man on the other side of the counter along with two other clearly unimportant men and if she wasn’t wrong, the person standing before her was someone of great importance; only, she couldn’t really put a name on that scowling face of his.

“Hai hai!” she sighed, letting him know of her presence. “You don’t have to yell, I’m right here, Mr…er…whoever you are. Besides, if it’s such a big dump, why are you even honoring me with your gratuitous presence?” she bit back with a great deal of sarcasm and turned away from him, grabbing a piece of paper and pen from the small table behind her. “Now, other than looking down on my shop, just what exactly are you here for, Sir?”

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Frederick Chilton

Frederick Chilton

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PostSubject: Re: Flowers & Anger   Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:53 pm

'Tch' the clacking sound of his tongue inside his mouth, was more then enough to show the man's agitation with the woman's response. But just to emphasize on it more, the man was already folding his arms in front of him as well as the continuous tapping of his impatient foot on the ground. 'It's not that I had much say in the matter. In fact if those petty excuses for a court herbalists actually did their job. I wouldn't even need to show myself in these parts of town.'

Frederick didn't even need to use casual insults anymore to just show his resentment to the lower class area of the town, the tone in his words was already more then enough. It was filled with such a despise and disgust, that it might actually even be hard to believe that this man was for real.

'Be that as it may, let's get down to the matter at hand shall we. After all I don't prefer to be in here any longer then I need to be.' Frederick continued, without even losing the obvious yet disgusting tone. 'I am having whims of pain, which mostly occurs at night when I am trying to sleep. Originating at were my right eye used to be, it starts slow but eventually it's like a throbbing feeling that echoes through my entire head. Either way, the herbalists there couldn't pinpoint what it was nor were they willingly to give me any pain medication since they couldn't officially diagnose me. So what I need from you is simple, give me something strong enough to numb this pain. So that I at least can get some peace at night.'

With her long brown hair that almost reach down her entire back, and the autumn amber brown colored eyes. The woman was surely a sight for sore eyes. Or in Frederick's case just eye, since his right was covered by a black patch. Only so that it could hide an inflicted wound from the past.
However despite her feminine looks, the girl did had that certain aura about her that only few people had. The sense of inner strength with the vague fragrance of a certain sense of loneliness. Not as if she was wallowing in self pity, but more like lone soul. The fact that she owned a shop by herself at such a young age empisized on that.
Frederick however, unfortunately failed to see that. As the curtain of his own arrogance hung in front of his eyes as a thick black veil.
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PostSubject: Re: Flowers & Anger   

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Flowers & Anger
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