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 Dulcis Nubila

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Dulcis Nubila

Dulcis Nubila

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PostSubject: Dulcis Nubila   Fri Sep 25, 2015 12:17 am

General Info

Name: Dulcis "Serena" Nubila

Age: She is 25 years of age.

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Lesbian (VERY closeted)


Height: She is 4'9"

Weight: She is 90 pounds.

Hair: A very light orchid color.

Eyes: A deep blue

Skin Tone: Very Pale.

Special Characteristics: Her entire lower body from her waist down is paralyzed and she has to use a wheel chair to get anywhere.


Personality:Dulcis is a highly motivated and optimistic kind of woman who prefers to keep on the bright side even in the thick of things something which has allowed her to keep her business going even in the worst times due to having a level head. Even so with as much a level head and optimism as she has it tends to get to her when not a soul is looking. Deep under her own skin she is plagued with fear that she might fail those she works with and employs and tends to have a massive fear that due to her disability she would become useless and so strives no matter what to be as big a help she can to the point of self harm in certain cases. Even with all this as a lover she tends to be very devoted and sees herself as a woman who will always be in need of care, and it pisses her off to no end as she would rather be self sufficient but even then knows she will need a bit of it if you can ever get her to admit she needs the help then it is a rarity.

Some of the few things she enjoys in life are the feelings she gets as she cooks her foods for others and of course the wonderful reactions (And sometimes even the criticisms) of her cooking. Another of her loves is actually going out to the parks in her area and just watching people run around and have their fun as even if she cannot do it herself she feels it is nice to watch others do it. One of her major pet peeves is when people try to act like due to her being disabled she “needs” their help doing anything like that is a one way ticket to a slap across the face. She in her own mind needs not a souls help and an fend for herself just fine and even the idea that she would ever NEED someone's help bothers her greatly. Her other bigger pet peeve is seeing someone complain about petty things that are out of anyone's control that try to blame all their problems on someone else. These types of people set her off on typical rants where she gets super angry and tries to talk some sense into people as she realizes the one true fact, “It is what it is” And if you do not like something simply complaining about it and pointing fingers does nothing.

Motivation:One of Dulcis motivations is to get her bakery to a point where she can happily leave it to her future children should they want it or at least be able to do something with it so that in the end it pays off. The other motivation she has is to find someone that will be with her but not try to baby her due to her disability and would rather have the respect for her to let her keep the autonomy that she has had to gain for over twenty years.

Fear:One of Dulcis fears is actually of water due to the fact that as a child her mother when she found out that her daughter was going to be paralyzed due to a delayed birth defect attempted to drown herself and her daughter along with her. After this event she was left not only terrified of water but also with a slight fear of being touched by anyone she does not know to the point where she will physically recoil on being touched.

History: Dulcis Serena Nubila was born to a low-class family living in the slums of Braedon with nothing but a small home and a barely enough money to keep them alive sustaining them at that point. When Dulcis was born the doctors notified her mother that she may possibly have a defect that at the time was hard to detect for even the more professional doctors and that her daughter might lose her nerves from her waist down at any point due to it. With this knowledge in mind her mother remained the optimist and told the doctors that Dulcis would be fine. With that five years passed and as Dulcis grew so did the defect in her nervous system and as time went she began to lose feeling in her legs and waist areas until while playing with her friends at school she collapsed from sheer pain in her legs until she was picked up by an ambulance. Once at the hospital her mother and father arrived only to find out that the defect had killed the nerves in their daughter's lower body to the point where she would never be capable of walking or feeling there ever again. Due to this her parents panicked and asked the doctors if the could save their daughter from this fate but due to them not getting her regular check ups due to the optimism that she was fine it was too late. With a combination of the defect and the parents neglect to face the truth their daughter would never walk again.

Stricken by a mass of grief and panic the mother went into a silent shock tears running from her eyes as she felt the pain that it was her fault her daughter was like this. As time went by and three months passed her mother grew more unstable as she could barely look at Dulcis without crying at this point. Her father worried left the house to go set up a psychiatrist appointment for his wife hoping to help her get better but by that point a decision was made. As Dulcis sat in her wheelchair simply reading the books she needed for her classes her mother approached for the first time in three months with an honest smile on her face and asked her, “Want to go on a walk with me? It has been so long.” this to Dulcis was the most amazing thing that had happened that day as in three months she felt it was HER fault that her mother was this way and yet here she came asking to spend time with her, so she accepted.

After about half an hour of walking around the slums the mother and daughter chatting so happily for this time that felt like years to Dulcis. Soon however the mother began to walk towards the areas river that most homes fed from for water. “Why are we going here” she asked her mother in panic not knowing why this was happening. It was at this point where her mother began to violently sob into her daughter's lap begging for forgiveness at what she took from her. As her mother got up she smiled and the most terrifying thing was that her mother got so silent as she pushed her daughter towards the edge of the river and was walking in with her as she began to scream her mother covered her mouth and smiled before kissing her forehead telling her, “It will be fine. . . I will bring us together so you can have your legs back.” and after that they both plunged into the river and as the air drifted from her lungs unable to swim or move she passed out the last image being of her mother holding her down with a smile on her face.

After she awoke a week later having been in a coma due to the rocks in the river impacting her head combined with almost drowning she looked around wondering what had happened. The doctor told Dulcis that a neighbour had seen them heading towards the river during the walk and decided to investigate when they heard the scream calling the police upon seeing the wheelchair empty in the river and the bodies floating slightly with her mother already dead when they got there and Dulcis herself on the verge of death. Due to the neglect shown she was thrown into foster care and over time began to simply do her studies only being around average at the time but learning that cooking as a major passion of hers and upon graduating decided to go into college for baking. After gaining her degree she finally saved some money and bought a small flat where she made her bakery specializing in sweets and breads. And twenty years later we find Dulcis where she is today.


Dulcis uses a VERY basic form of the School of Apothecary allowing her to heal minor injuries or burns which helps out her job as she owns and works in her own bakery. It is so basic that it can barely heal a small cut made by a knife and can only really work in 100% effectiveness on minor burns.
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Dulcis Nubila
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