A non canon anime roleplay set in a fantasy world
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 2. Role Playing Rules

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PostSubject: 2. Role Playing Rules   Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:51 am

Role Playing Rules

1. Liquid Time
Role Playing is set in a liquid timeline over here. Meaning that not every thread you make has to be continued from to one before. It can also be a thread that is set in your past, you can even have three threads going on at the same time. But no more then that.

2. God modding
When roleplaying it sometimes happens, may it be on purpose or unintentionally. That you role play something that your character can't do. For instance, you are roleplaying a character and meet someone else for the first time. Yet you instantly know who he is and were he comes from. Or, instantly have the right answers and solution for the others own personal problems. These kind of situation are considered meta gaming or god modding so to speak. And is heavily frowned upon. If it happens try to talk it over first, and if that doesn't work contact a staff member.

3. Posting
When roleplaying the more you write and explain in detail, the more the other posters have to respond to. Or form their own story better, thats why this forum tries to maintain a general word count of at least 200 words per post. We know this isn't always easy, especially for those who are new to roleplaying. So that rule isn't set in stone.

Also worth nothing is that around here we write in the paste tense. For instance: 'Sandra saw a kitten, and because she was angered by it. She struck the kitten'

If you are really new to role playing all together and want to know more about it, check out our beginners section with a small manual and practice section. Where everyone is free to assist others to become a role-player (link to practice section for beginners)

4. Post order
When making a thread that involves more than two persons, you need to establish a post order. An order that determines who goes first, second, etc. Everyon needs to follow that order and wait for the others to reply. Unless it is stated different, like in large event threads or alike, it possible that the posting order has a 24 hour limit. Meaning that if you don't post in 24 hours when it is your turn. You are skipped and need to wait for the next cycle.

5. Other Threads
When not invited, or if the thread is not labeled 'open'. It means that thread is probably a private thread, which means that you have no business to join in. Unless asked off course. If it really looks interesting you can always ask the posters if you can join their thread.

6. Other Characters
Under any circumstance, you don't use another players character in a thread without their given consent. It is after something that someone else has created. So if you want to blame a certain character of a crime or something similar to that. Ask the first. Mentioning a character is off course different, like in your thoughts or in a casual conversation.

7. Mature Topics
Around here we don't shy away from mature topics, however that doesn't mean you have free reign to make a thread as perverted as you want. Even around here we have certain standards. Like for instance, if there is love between two characters it's okay to role-play that. Even more intimate moments. But it has to be graceful. So no dirty words, or a story how you would repeatedly poke the girl or boy.
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2. Role Playing Rules
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