A non canon anime roleplay set in a fantasy world
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 3. Character Rules

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PostSubject: 3. Character Rules   Wed Aug 19, 2015 8:55 pm

Character Rules

1. Magic & Weapons
Since this is site that focusses on character development and story more then fighting like the more common role playing sites. There is no need for a large magic or weapon app, that doesn't mean however you aren't allowed to carry one or use magic. In fact everyone is free to do so. For magic we have a small system which indicates different categories of magic. Like healing would fall under The School of Apothecary. There are no spell slots for it, just a small description about you can do with it.
For weapons it is a bit different, the app will be there. But mostly where you can describe your weapon on how it looks, because we do understand you want to show off what you have off course. Nonetheless this all will be bundled in one Application which is the Character Application.

2. Age
Sure this is an anime based role play, and fantasy. But we maintain a certain level of reality here for your character. For instance, your age and magic. Sure you can be quite the expert on healing people at a young age. But understand, you aren't a grandmaster at it right away. Unless you're character is like hitting the 40's which off course is old for youngsters like us. With age comes experience, so unless you have a character who fits the bill. Don't be that one who is overly powerful and is knowledgeable in everything despite being 12 years old.

3. Alternative accounts
We allow alternative accounts around here. But no more then two total. Meaning that you can have one other character besides your main one. For this there aren't any special rules. You are free to make one when you do so. You only have to ask the staff or better yet letting them know, so that we can keep up with the influx of the site. So that we aren't all happy because we think we have a lot of new members, while it is just the regular bunch.

4. OOC & IC
It is said before, but it is always good to say it again. What you say IC doesn't always reflect on OOC. So if two characters are fighting or have a rivalry, it doesn't mean the owners have to fight with each other. The same goes the other way around.

5. Races
Since this is an anime based site, a lot of races are allowed. Basically most of what you can think of pretty much gets the green light around here. Fairies, nekos, bunny people, lizard folk and so on. The only restriction we have is the creation of god characters. Meaning that we don't allow great divine beings like, demi gods, actual gods, arch demons & angels on the site. Since we focus more on the people and their daily life in Braedon.

6. Face Claims
If you are known with roleplaying, you probably already know where this is headed. We allow any anime/fantasy face claim around here, as long as it is drawn. So no actual real life people claims from movies or tv-series. Also when looking for one make sure you are not taking someones personal art for use without their permission. If it says in the description 'free to take' on sites like deviantart, still credit them in your character application.
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3. Character Rules
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