A non canon anime roleplay set in a fantasy world
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 4. Housing & Commercial Buildings

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PostSubject: 4. Housing & Commercial Buildings   Wed Aug 19, 2015 9:17 pm

Housing & Commercial Buildings

One of our most fun and key features of the site is, that eventually the community creates the innards of the town Braedon.
What I mean with that, is that around here we allow players to buy property through points which are earned by posting off course. And have it as actual content on the site. Like saying you want to buy normal house or shop, and have it at Rose Square. Then you just have to hop over to the registration section. Apply for it at the (Realtors office link here) and create the building you want. Then it will be added as an actual sub forum in that section.
However there are rules off course.

1. Personal Homes
Keep in mind that houses are generally places were people are private, and aren't allowed to be entered by others. So please respect that and refrain from posting in without the owners consent. Unless he or she basically states that everyone is free to post in it as they want.

2. Shops
You are also allowed to create a shop, like maybe a smithy for your blacksmith character. These are considered commercial building, and can be accessed by other characters. If they want to buy something for instance. Yet still they have to respect it, and don't need to role play setting fire to someones personal properties. You wouldn't do that in real life either. If such posts happen the owner is free to ask the staff to deal with it. Which can mean the deletion of that post. If it happens often it is considered trolling.

3. Group Buildings
Large buildings that accommodate more people are allowed as well. And even the private settings can be set so that only members of that group can enter. Like a crime syndicate or maybe a mercenary group. Or maybe an association of businessman. These buildings cost more then the average buildings.

4. Locations
We've several location around town for you to place a home or shop in. However keep in mind that we keep a certain level of realism in it. So if you buy a crappy shack which off course costs less, it will be placed in the poorer section of town. And not with the other manors. It goes the same for the other way around, if you finally have saved up enough to buy a mansion. You aren't allowed to dump it in the poor section, it basically says 'steal from me' right.
We also ask of you to keep the town in mind when creating a home. Meaning that we don't allow large modern buildings or fantasy homes that really don't fit with the general vibe. Meaning even if you do buy a mansion, that it won't be a large palace that sucks up the entire town. Or is standing one a large mountain.

5. Gone is gone
Generally speaking if you leave the site, you're stuff will be gone as well. Unless it is an active place it will stick around, especially when it is a shop. However if it is a mere home and you decide to leave. And there isn't living anyone else with you, it means it is nothing more then a dead space. And will be archived.
For shops, if it is actually used by other members to buy stuff IC, it probably sticks around. but if it is a dead section it will be archived off course. All so that others have room to put in their stuff as well.
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4. Housing & Commercial Buildings
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