A non canon anime roleplay set in a fantasy world
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 Delphine Bellmont

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PostSubject: Delphine Bellmont   Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:11 am

General Info

Name: Delphine Bellmont
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Height: 5’4
Weight: 62kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Amber
Skin Tone: Light
Special Characteristics: N/A


Delphine is, in a sense, a normal woman of twenty. She cries when she is sad, laughs when she is happy and even throws a fit when she is angry. However, there is one character she projects out and that is her insane ability to say her mind whenever and wherever she wants. She isn’t scared of what other people think of her but if she ever gets the sudden desire to dance, she will do it. Her courage and determination are two things that make her stand out from a crowd; that and her powers.

As the next in line for her family’s famous and most respected shrine, Delphine was taught to be a polite young lady with a heart next to God’s. As a Priestess, it was necessary for her to learn the proper way of speaking, sitting and even walking. In fact, she was made to practice them every day until she started doing it automatically like a machine. Though Delphine rebelled against it and tried to twist her own personality, the basics of a high-class woman had been beaten into her and sometimes, to the surprise of others, she exhibits these behaviors.

But normally, she is just an outspoken, friendly but stubborn lady. While it’s not easy to get her irritated, it seems that she isn’t in big favor of the nobility or the upper-class and normally gets a bit aggressive with them without even getting to know them properly. While this may have stemmed from her resentment towards her own family, it is still noted as highly unlike her usual self. Apparently, the only time she seems calm and properly ordered would be when she is working and giving her 100% at it.

Despite it all, she has great respect and love for her work. Her knowledge and love for flowers and herbs and strange plants are one of a kind. While on normal circumstances, she would forget something within minutes or seconds, herbs, plants and medicine never seems to leave her mind at all. In addition to this, she has a vast knowledge on different types of sicknesses and cures for it. Thus, she is also very good at mixing different herbs and working with them to create effective medicines and this, is also why her small herbal shop is very famous in the town and often visited by people suffering from poor health.

Medicine: It's the world of medicine that keeps Delphine going on full throttle. Nothing inspires or interests her like herbs and medicine do.
Family: Her greatest fear is her family who would do anything in their powers to take their successor back.
On a cold March night, Delphine was born to the Bellmont family, a family full of respected names that had given their all to God and their famous shrine. The shrine was famous and the Bellmont family was legendary. Next to the nobles, they were of the high-class priest and priestesses, interwoven in the web of politics and everything related. And it was in this family that Delphine grew up.

Even at four, Delphine was already required to learn the ways of a priestess, being the next in line of succession. She was taught, carried, fed and spoken to like a real priestess and at that age, she just went with it, unaware of what exactly it was that she was doing. But then at the age of eleven, she already knew what her family was and what they wanted from her; only, she wouldn’t let them have their way with her life.

On a September day, she left the house and wandered around the streets till she found an old herbalist who taught her all that she knew and even more. It was here that Delphine discovered her healing powers and it was here that Delphine met with the greatest tragedy of her life. Her family, after getting wind of her powers, had destroyed the old woman’s shop and had even murdered her, forcing her to go back home. There, she was celebrated as the high-priestess for her powers and fed lies by her family.

But at the age of sixteen, she had had enough and left the house once and for all, rebuilt the old lady’s shop and became a herbalist herself while her family tried numerous ways to get her back. Even now, Delphine is in cross with her family, avoiding crisis with her ability alone.


A small silver dagger that she uses against thieves and others. Delphine is physically quite strong and agile though she doesn't look like it.
Delphine is a healer (falling under the school of Apothecary) and is able to detect and cure most diseases, wounds or ailments with this power. Though it isn't in a level of total healing yet and she often relies on herbs instead of her powers, she is quite skilled at it.
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Delphine Bellmont
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