A non canon anime roleplay set in a fantasy world
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 Real Estate Agency

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PostSubject: Real Estate Agency   Tue Sep 15, 2015 10:58 am

So you're looking for some property to buy huh, maybe a nice lake view cabin? Or perhaps something more abstract? We also got this nice little cottage down in the red streets. It is a bit of a fixer upper though. Either way, if you are looking for a place to buy. You've come to the right place.

If you want to to buy, just copy paste the code at the bottom. And fill it in.

Housing Locations & Prices
The Prices are based on their location as well as the worth of a probable home in that same section. Meaning that with the Braedon Quarter you are allowed to buy homesteads like large mansions and manors. Since that Section is filled with the rich and powerful of the town. Opposing of this is the Red Quarter were the poor live, a home will be compared to a simple shack around here.

Places like The Elysium Fields and Maplebank are not part of the town and are allowed to have all kind of homes. Meaning you could have a large mansion tucked away somewhere in the forest.

The Braedon Quarter:
400 gold

Farmer's Market:
200 gold

Rose Square:
200 gold

The Red Quarter:
150 gold

The Dark Streets:
150 gold

The Elysium Fields:
300 gold

300 gold

Commercial Buildings & Group homes
With Commercial Buildings we mean an establishment like a shop or restaurant. So think about a smith or a bakery. Or a small tavern or even a general goods kind of store.

Group Homes on the other hand are considered community building for a select group. Like if you and a couple of friends have formed a mercenary group, you are allowed to buy a property that allows only you to role play in it.

These shops and homes are allowed in most of the places in and around Braedon. Only thing we ask is that you keep in mind the general mood and atmosphere where you place your shop or community building.

Commercial Buildings - 250 gold
Ivory Plaza
Farmer's Market
Rose Square
The Red Quarter
The Dark Streets
The Elysium Fields

Group Homes - 500 gold
Ivory Plaza
Farmer's Market
The Red Quarter
The Dark Streets
The Sewers
The Elysium Fields

Extension and Additions
Want extra rooms or something else in your home, that is possible too. Our workers are happy to oblige, for the right price off course.

50 gold

60 gold

60 gold

[b]Player Name(s):[/b] (name or names of the players)
[b]Building/room:[/b] (Shop, community or home)
[b]Location:[/b] (where it is located)
[b]Price:[/b] (add the amount of gold)
[b]Image Link:[/b] (image of the building so that we can add it)
[b]Image Text:[/b] (text that needs to be added)
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Real Estate Agency
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